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Khadeejah B.

This is the first section to a three part piece. What I’ve done is spilt my journey into three sections; as you may know this blessed month of Ramadan is split into three.

To the happy soul, the sad soul, the healed soul & the wounded soul, I hope through my words you find some form of tranquility and a place to call home. – Khadeejah x

‎بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Bismillāhir- Rahmānir – Raheem.
1. When the sky breaks apart

2. And when the stars fall, scattering ,

3. And when the seas are erupted

4. And when the [ content of ] graves are scattered

5. A soul will [then] know what it has put forth and kept back.

Sūrah Al-Infitār

For so long I have been soul searching, and for so long I’ve been on a journey alongside a blaming soul. The urge to find myself, understand…

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RAMADAN DAY 1 & 2 & 3

Hi, welcome back to my blog. 


We have finally entered the blessed month of Ramadan, and I’m so excited eek. As I write this, it’s the end of the third day of Ramadan. 

The first few days are always the hardest to be honest. It’s all about getting into a routine and allowing your body to get use to the long hours without food.

One thing I can say, fasting and working in retail just doesn’t seem to be a good mix. I’m having to make silent duas and just breathing to calm myself down. 

Even though fasting has been hard, you just need to have some motivation to get you through. Abu Said al-Khudri reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw), said: “No servant fasts on a day in the path of Allah except that Allah removes the hellfire seventy years further away from his face. This Hadith is perfect for motivation.

Although, I’m writing this blog post as sort of a diary just to simply reflect on the past few days, I think it’s so important especially in Ramadan to think about your actions more and just ponder.
I did want this blog post to be one of some benefit so I thought let’s talk about something important. The Quran, since this holy month of Ramadan is the month of the Quran.

I understand a lot of people are aiming to finish the Quran this month, which is a beautiful thing. 
But for many of us who struggle with reading the Quran, I want to say take your time and don’t focus on what others are doing just focus on yourself! There’s beauty in your struggle, you’ll be rewarded for it.

My best friend once told me that people always focus on what they can’t do, rather then focusing on what they can do. And how true is that when you think about it?

Let me wrap this up now, all I want to remind everyone is that it’s okay not to be where everyone else is in terms of the Quran, just focus on yourself and take your time. You’ll be rewarded for all your struggles.

Thanks for reading!



Welcome back to my blog.

Today I just want to write about something that had me really thinking about my boring life as a retail assistant, sometimes I have deep thought process just to pass the time during the shift. And in today’s shift, I was thinking and asking myself what’s happened to humanity? When did we all get like this?

So, today in the U.K. we saw a tragedy unfold. A bomb exploded at a concert in Manchester, a lot of lives were lost, people stranded, frightened etc. That should be the main focus right? In my head all I would want to know if everyone was safe. But, in others minds, it’s straight to divide and conquer. I think it’s a lot easier to spew that type of nonsense on social media.

You’d think at times like this, humanity would understand that sticking together is the only option and it’s times like this when love is truly needed. I read a few news articles and I was moved by the way people in Manchester were able to come together in times of need. How strangers opened up their houses and provided safety for vulnerable teens. This is what humanity is about, helping each other in times of need and simply coming together.

For others, when tragedy strikes they use it to spread nothing but hate and promote intolerance. religion will never cause pain and it will never symbolise what those people stand for. Only people can cause pain, spread hate and continue to divide us. I wish people understood that, I really do.

Just to wrap this short, I just wanted to remind people that in times like this. We need to stand strong and spread nothing but love.

Thanks for reading.



Hi, welcome back to my blog and welcome if you’re a new reader.

Today’s blog post is the first in my little mini-series of Girl Talk posts. I’ll be talking about things that I think are important for us girls to talk about.

Confidence is something that is so up and down with me, I have times when I literally feel like I can do anything and put myself out there and be amazing, but at the same time, I have times when I just want to hide away, because I am scared. I’m learning that it’s okay, to go through both types of motions.

I think the biggest thing for myself, was always believing that I was the only person who lacked confidence. Sometimes it’s so easy to get stuck in that mindset that you’re the only one, who feels a certain way.

I’ve lacked confidence in so many aspects, whether it’s been through body confidence or just feeling like I can’t do something. Honestly, it sucks.

It’s so important to build yourself up, and that starts with thinking positively. Just giving yourself mini pep talks telling yourself that your amazing and can do anything you put your mind to, honestly just helps. I know it’s easier said, then done. but self-confidence starts with YOU.

I think that’s something that we tend to forget, we always assume someone can make us more confident but honestly it’s something only you can do for yourself.

Let me let you into a secret social media is BULLSHITTTTTT. All these “perfect girls” we are exposed to on Instagram, twitter and snapchat etc can make you feel really shitty about yourself, and you’ll be questioning why can’t my body look like this, why don’t I have this “perfect body”.  You just need to remember, social media is a deception and you shouldn’t feel like you need to match what you see.

Each of us has something special about ourselves. We shouldn’t feel pressured to become what we see every day on social media. Embrace your body and you’ll become much happier. I swear by this, there was a time when I was very self-conscious about how I looked but now I can honestly say it’s the last thing I care about because I’ve learnt to accept my flaws and how I look.

Let me leave you with my top tips to improve your confidence:

  1. Have a positive mindset, always. Tell yourself you got this.
  2. Put yourself out there by trying something new. This is by far the scariest but honestly helps with your confidence so much.
  3. Don’t compare yourself with others. This is something that honestly hinders you so much. You won’t always be on the same wavelength as your friends and that’s okay. Just focus on yourself.

Comment down bellow your own tips to improve confidence.

Thanks for reading!



Hello! Welcome back to my blog.

In today’s blog post, we will be talking about a very inspirational woman, whose story is one all Muslim women can take inspiration from.

Khadija RA was the first wife of our Prophet Muhammad SAW. She was a remarkable businesswoman and one of the noblest women around. Many wealthy men asked for her hand, but she always declined. She met the Prophet Muhammad SAW when he was only 25. He had an amazing character and was known for being the most honest man around. This is what attracted her to him.

The Prophet was hired by Khadija RA, to take her trading caravans to Syria and this is when she considered him for marriage because she was impressed with the way he handled her business and his honesty. This is when Khadija’s friend approached the Prophet and asked if he’d accept her proposal. He did and thus started the best love story. She was 40 years old and the Prophet was 25 years old. They were married for 25 years and had 6 children.

She was the first person who supported the Prophet when Archangel Jibril came down with the revelation. She was the first person the Prophet ran to when he left the cave of Hira. He asked her to “cover me”. Instead of ridiculing him, she consoled and supported him. And when he was ready to start openly preach about Islam, she was standing by him.

Khadija RA was the first person to accept Islam and that’s one of the reasons she’s such an inspiration. She’s not only known for being an influential businesswoman, she’s highly regarded for the way she was to her husband Prophet Muhammad SAW.

I think what makes her remarkable is that throughout the prophet’s trials and tribulations she stuck by him. When the Quraysh wanted the prophet to stop preaching, she encouraged him. Another thing that I find inspiring about her, is that she was the first person to accept Islam. She was the backbone of the Islamic movement, she truly was and is the Mother of the Believers.  She was the wealthiest woman in Makkah, and yet she sacrificed all her wealth for the cause of Islam.

In the year 619, Khadija RA passed away. This year was called The Year of Sorrow because it was such a big loss for the Prophet. He lost his wife, friend and the first person to accept Islam and accept him as a Prophet. Soon after Khadija RA died, the Prophet Muhammad SAW lost his beloved uncle Abu Talib. Although, Khadija RA died. The prophet remembered her so often that Aisha RA asked him about his love for Khadija RA and he replied: “She believed in me when no one else did; she accepted Islam when people rejected me, and she helped and comforted me when there was no one else to lend me a helping hand.”

In this day and age, we somehow forget about the role models we have, Khadija RA being one of them. She is the definition of what a good woman is, someone who was beautiful inside and out. Her character spoke for her. The love she had for the Prophet was nothing short of true love. We should take her as a role model when it comes to being both a loving wife and a successful businesswoman.

What we can all take from the story of Khadija RA (Which I highly recommend you read!) is that how dedicated she was to Islam. Her love for the deen was remarkable, something that we should all aspire to have. Also, her story holds an important message for all females that you can be a successful business woman, wife and mother. It’s possible!

I hope you can all take something from this post. Do comment below why you personally think Khadija RA, is an inspirational woman, and share what you have learnt from her story!

Thanks for reading,



Hi, I’m back again. Welcome back to my blog.

Today’s topic is about studying! February is a weird month, getting back into the habit of studying is hard. I thought as I’ve got reading week next week, let me sit down and write a blog post about studying and give you all some of tips that I find useful.

Studying isn’t easy, some people have are good at it naturally and with others It takes hard work and dedication. Nevertheless, with some good tips and motivation everyone can succeed. Personally, for me studying is something that has always been trial and error.

Here are my tips for studying.

1. Set some clear goals. 

It’s important that before you start studying, you need to set some goals on what you want to achieve in that study session. Make a clear list with specific tasks you want to get done.

2. Plan.

Plan your notes and what you want to review. Planning is KEY. Plan your work around your deadlines, so if you know you’ve got a deadline for the 15th, don’t start planning your work on the 14th! It’s always better to plan what you’ll be putting in your essays, before you actually start writing them. Get your content ready, before you start writing.

3. Use some colour.

Honestly, using colour helps me so much. Just having things colour coordinated, makes life easier. Your notes don’t have to be pretty, but just simply using highlighters for articles your reading or key notes is a helpful thing.

4. Make a schedule. 

It’s super important to manage your time. Especially, when you have so many different things to study for, you need to spread your time equally so you don’t fall behind in any modules. Prioritise a subject that you struggle with at first, rather then starting with something you find easy. Don’t over work yourself that’s the key, make sure your study schedule is well balanced.

5. Find a study group.

Although, sometimes studying with friends is hard. Sometimes, it helps to talk about what your studying with friends. I find that talking to it with someone, helps me remember a hell of a lot.Even if I’m not actually studying at that point of time, just remembering and discussing a lecture helps me understand the content a lot more.

6. Find what works for you.

There are so many studying techniques and it’s so hard to find which ones work for you. If you simply use one technique but you don’t see it as effective, just switch it up! I personally love using cue cards, they are so easy to do and so helpful when it comes to studying for exams or something. I also love mind-maps, although mine always turn out to be messy as anything. Mind-maps for me are super effective. Those are things that personally work for me, but you can honestly find something that appeals to you.

7. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

This is honestly the most important thing. Don’t stress yourself out, make sure when you are going to study you are in the right frame of mind. If you start with EVERYTHING, you will stress yourself to another level and you won’t even be productive. Take things easy, come with a clear mind and start slowly, take regular breaks so you are letting your mind process all that information. Don’t overwork yourself and cram everything at one go, pace yourself.

Here are my 7 tips when it comes to studying. Honestly, studying takes time and effort, but as long as you figure out how your going to tackle your work load, it will all be fine!

Hopefully some of these tips will be useful. and if not I just hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Thank you for reading.

Happy studying!


Hi everyone.

So, I’ve finished my first semester of first year at university. What can I say? It’s been interesting and tiring. University isn’t a joke, honestly. I don’t know who told me first year is a breeze. Honestly, it’s been nothing but TIRING.

In a way, I find my course very interesting. For anyone who’s actually going through the UCAS process, make sure you pick a course you know you’ll be interested in or something you’ll have a passion for, because if you pick something for the sake of picking it, first semester is going to kill you. I can’t stress enough that you need to look into your course, read about it, and ask questions and go to open days. Trust me, they help shape your decisions a lot. I found talking to second and third year students very helpful, because knowing a student’s honest opinion on a course is refreshing.

First term was a little interesting. University definitely gets you out of your comfort zone which when you’re an awkward anti-social person It’s pretty scary. But, I can comfortably say I’ve made some lovely friends on my course and through the Islamic society. I’d say it’s important to make friends outside of your course as well, to find like-minded people like yourself. Before, I started university I knew I wanted to grow more confident and put myself out there, I’ve taken small steps like joining a society and actually participating in events which has given me a massive confidence boost. It’s the small steps that make the biggest difference.

University is expensive, oh boy. The amount of money I’ve wasted in first semester is CRAZY. My money goes on food, campus food dearie me just screams EXPENSIVE. I think they forget we are students, most of us are working for minimum wage and when you spend £5-6 a day, it really adds up honestly. I can’t even stress, PACK YOUR OWN LUNCH and see how much you save. Another thing Costa or Starbucks isn’t a mandatory thing when going to lectures, I need to stop buying Costa hot chocolate for my 9AM’s.

I learnt the hard way last semester. Actually attempting the required reading makes understanding your lectures a lot easier. Staying on top of your uni reading makes life so much easier. A lot of my friends mentioned before I started uni, that doing the reading didn’t make any difference for them. But, I’ve come to realise that it’s more to do with your actual course. I’ve just learnt, I need to do my reading otherwise I’ll stay forever lost in my course.

One more thing, I’ve realised I love my uni friends but studying with them is a BIG NO NO. Purely, because we get on TOO well which is a good thing, but when it’s time to face our books, we end up talking or eating, just actually doing anything but STUDYING. I think it’s best to have a separate study group to your good uni friends, otherwise you will not get anything done.

Last but not least, ask for help whether that’s from your colleagues or seminar teachers, if you don’t understand something ask for help. You are not paying 9K for bants, I promise you that. Don’t be shy to ask for help, that’s something I’m realising there are so many people at uni, especially in first year set out to help you transition into uni life smoothly. Use them wisely.

Lastly, just remember to enjoy yourself at university. Even though it can be stressful, join societies, go to events, just get involved and maximise your time their academically and personally.